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Lubbock Hero of the Week: Lawyer Ben Webb

Lubbock lawyer Ben Webb

Ben Webb

Lubbock lawyer Ben Webb was strip-searched and jailed because he refused testify against his former client as ordered by Judge Jim Bob Darnell. Yes, his real name is Jim Bob.

Webb’s courage to stand up for his former client’s rights is a shining example of true patriotism.

A Lubbock attorney this morning was exculpated after a judge signed an order finding him not guilty and releasing him of his bond obligations.

Ben Webb was arrested and jailed in June of this year after he refused to testify against a former client on trial in the 140th District Court.

Judge Jim Bob Darnell found him in contempt and ordered him arrested.

He was strip-searched and jailed before another judge released him on a personal recognizance bond.

Darnell also stipulated he must pay back any attorney fees he collected for representing the defendant he refused to testify against, Donald R. Johnson.

Visiting Judge Paul Davis, appointed after Darnell recused himself, freed Webb by signing the order agreed upon by Rod Hobson, Webb’s attorney and John Grace, who represents the county.

“I feel two things today: pride and vindication,” Webb said at a news conference on the courthouse lawn. “It feels good to know what I felt was right was right.”

Darnell declined comment.

Source: Lubbock Avalanche Journal


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  1. This Judge Jim Bob is the root of the cancer that is eating away at our civil liberties. I was relieved to see Webb’s honor restored. Thank you, Mr. Webb, for standing up strong for your rights, and thank you to Judge Paul Davis for doing the right thing from your position of power.

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