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Lubbock Police Arrest and Stun Tech Student


Lubbock Police officers used a stun gun on a Texas Tech student Saturday afternoon during the “Tour de Tech Terrace”.  The student was charged with evading arrest with a vehicle, resisting arrest, failure to identify and public intoxication.

Hunter Temperton, a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, was arrested at about 6:40 p.m. Saturday at the Tech Terrace Park at 23rd Street and Gary Avenue, according to Lubbock Police Department officer Sgt. Jon Stewart. Sgt. Stewart said the subject was in the street when officers told him to go into the park. Temperton did not comply with officers and was subsequently arrested, he said.

However, students witnessed Temperton walking to a group of students while one of the officers was writing him a ticket and then the officers tackled him from his bicycle and pinned him to the ground.

As you can see in the video, it appears as though Temperton is subdued on the ground by two officers and is offering little resistance.

However, in the audio, one of the officers can be heard saying “keep your hand down.” The officers then stun him with a stun gun and say, “Now give me your other hand or I’m going to tase you again.” The student’s hands are obscured by the body of one of the police officers in the video.

Source: The Daily Toreador


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