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Federal ‘Stimulus’ Money to Pay for I-27 Maintenance


I-27 Maintenance

I-27 Maintenance

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – TxDOT will close parts of I-27 next week. It’s for routine maintenance paid for by stimulus funds.

Starting Tuesday, TxDOT will begin work on the fly-over at I-27 and the south Loop 289. Traffic will be reduced to one lane on the bridge, and motorists should expect delays.

During the next several weeks, drivers will also see lane closures at the 24th Street bridge, the 34th Street entrance ramp, and the 19th Street exit ramp.

I find it funny that we are spending “stimulus” money on highway maintenance. We already pay to build and maintain our roads and highways through the gas tax, so spending funds meant to stimulate the economy on such a project seems a bit absurd.

The term stimulus is a bit of a joke in itself, as well. We take money away from individuals and successful businesses and spend it on special interest projects to “stimulate” the economy. The government is creating a false economy by pushing funds into an area that would otherwise not receive them in the free market. This is what happened to create the housing bubble. Money was spent to promote home ownership which created a bubble.

Don’t be surprised if we experience another bubble soon; only this time the bust will affect the economy much worse.

Source: KCBD


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