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Kentucky Fight: Rand vs. Trey


Tomorrow, September 23rd, twenty three Republican US Senators are holding a $500 per plate fundraiser in Washington DC for Trey Grayson – Rand Paul’s opponent. This deck stacking favoritism in a highly contested GOP primary is unacceptable.

Join in the fight and help Rand Paul deliver a knock out punch to establishment candidate Trey Grayson with a pledge to donate $100 on the same date!

This event is a grassroots effort and is not associated with the Official Rand Paul campaign.

Donations are to be made only at the Official Rand Paul website at RandPaul2010.com.


Trey Grayson is looking to the bankers, lobbyists, and Republican establishment for all they’ve got.

Aid the message of liberty by pledging to donate $100 to Rand Paul on September 23 and help deliver a knock out punch when third quarter donation tallies come before the judges.

Can the grassroots give Rand Paul $500,000 to take the round, and the fight?
The future of the Republic hangs in balance

A We The People Money Bomb vs a DC Establishment Fundraiser…

Its the Sons of Liberty VS the Washington Elites

A classic Main Street vs Wall Street cage match

Lets light the fire of Liberty

Donate on September 23rd


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