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Corporatism, A Love Story


According to Michael Moore, capitalism is to blame for our recession. In his newest documentary, Capitalism, A Love Story, Moore exposes how “capitalism” helps the rich while feeding off of the poor; how big corporations have come to dominate our lives and corrupt our democracy. The problem is, what he is describing in his film is corporatism, not capitalism.

The Action Institute has created a video response to Moore’s documentary titled, Government-Managed Capitalism, A Love Story. Many people have recently turned away from capitalism under the misguided idea that capitalism only leads to greed and corruption. However, we haven’t had capitalism in America since it’s inception. Corporations lobbying Congress for favoritism, governments mandating special interests, government bailing out private institutions; these are all traits of government-sponsored corporatism.

From the Action Institute:

Memo to documentary filmmaker Michael Moore: Free markets didnt cause the financial crisis. The biggest culprits were government planners meddling with the market. So why does Michael Moore (Capitalism: A Love Story) want to route even more power and money through Washington? Centralized planning is economic poison. Doubling down isnt the cure.


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