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Supreme Court Appointment


APTOPIX Obama Supreme Court

This AP story shows the collectivist attitudes of people today. Racism is a nasty form of collectivism.

From AP:

The White House announcement ceremony was a picture of diversity, the first black president, appointing the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice, joined by Vice President Joe Biden, who is white.

First of all what defines “black“? Both of Barack Obama’s parents were not “black“, so does that make him 100% black as opposed to 3/5 of a person just because he has more vitamin D in his skin than someone else? I don’t understand the logic to this nonsense. Who cares if she is Hispanic, Asian, black, white, tall, short, ambidextrous, toothless, or even deaf? Will she abide by the Constitution Article 3, Sec 1-2 and the 11th Amendment?

For the Liberty of these States United,

Arron Burr is my Hero

Source: Associated Press


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