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Torture: Pandora’s Box?

Waterboarding Americans?

Waterboarding Americans?

On May 3, 1946, the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (Tokyo Trials) began investigations into atrocities of our prisoners of war committed by the Japanese during World War II. Among these atrocities were waterboarding. Seven Japanese generals were charged, convicted, and executed for their participation in waterboarding US soldiers to extract intelligence.

In 1983, Texas sheriff James Parker and three of his deputies were convicted for conspiring to force confessions. The method they used: water torture. The sheriff was sentenced to ten years in prison, and the deputies to four years.

The case against torture has been embedded deeply into our country’s history. When did this change? Did September 11 change everything?

Just like any other government program, when you give the government permission to torture terrorists, it won’t stop. In fact, it will most likely grow. When the Department of Homeland Security identifies you as a terrorist, either because you are pro-life, an environmental activist, own a gun, or are political, will torture be acceptable? Either way it won’t matter, because by then, it’s too late.


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