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Legalize Cannabis, Support the Texas Firearms Bill

Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis

Yes, you read that title right. If you would like to legalize cannabis, it would be in your interest to support the Texas Intrastate Firearms Bill (HB 1863). Under this legislation, all federal laws regarding firearms are null and void if and only if the firearms are manufactured, sold, and currently reside in Texas.

Currently, the federal gun laws are put into place using the Interstate Commerce Clause of the US Constitution, meaning that any merchandise traveling between the states falls under federal jurisdiction. The logic behind the Texas Intrastate Firearms Bill is that if the guns are made in Texas and never leaves Texas, under the 10th amendment, the State of Texas has the legal jurisdiction over the federal government to regulate those firearms.

How does this apply to cannabis you may ask? Good question. California has passed several laws regarding the use of medicinal cannabis. Doctors are allowed to prescribe cannabis for a variety of ailments and certified businesses are allowed to sale the cannabis. Also, patients are allowed to smoke cannabis as recommended by their doctor.

However, despite the State of California laws that allow for the sale of cannabis, federal agents have raided those businesses selling medicinal cannabis and imprisoned the business owners. The federal Drug Enforcement Agency has contended that federal law supersedes state law in these matters. Fortunately, President Obama promised  an immediate end to the raids in states where legislation was passed to legalize cannabis. Unfortunately, the DEA has not stopped its raids and continues to confiscate business property and arrest business owners.

The Texas Intrastate Firearms Bill would open the door for the federal government to recognize the rights of states to enact any laws within that state without interference from the federal government, provided those laws are not in violation of the US Constitution.


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