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Ron Paul Raises $4.2 Million in One Day


Ron Paul managed to raise over $4.2 million dollars in a single day during a grassroots campaign called, This November 5th. By midnight, the campaign ended up getting donations from 38,610 individual donors. The $4.2 million raised online is the most a Republican has ever raised in a single day before the primaries.

While not getting much attention from the major news outlets, and consequently polling rather low, he has managed to capture a very dedicated group of supporters that seem to grow as fast as his donations.

The donations came largely from a group of supporters who decided to donate on November 5th in honor of the movie, V for Vendetta. “Remember remember, the 5th of November” is the motto of the day. So it appears that day will be remembered for a while. The premise of the movie is about a government who scares the people into giving up their freedom because of threats from abroad. V, the main protagonist, tries to “free” the people by exploiting the government’s lies and show the people just how little freedom they actually have. Perfect for supporters of Ron Paul.

To this date, the Ron Paul campaign has raised $7.2 million for the 4th quarter. This number is well on track to meet their $12 million goal by the end of December. In fact, some analysts predict the total 4th quarter donations could reach as high as $18 million. This could potentially set Congressman Paul up to be a top-tier challenger during the early primaries.

AP: Ron Paul Raises More Than $4.2 Million
Ron Paul 2008 PCC Donation Chart
November 5th Donations


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