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The Group Behind the Curtain


Do you wonder why seemingly unrelated minor local issues have escalated into fractious divisive battles? Recently, the Citibus fare increase and renaming Canyon Lakes Drive, have resulted in angry confrontations by West Texas Organizing Strategy (WTOS) leaders. Minimum research reveals that WTOS is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation. (IAF).

IAF is a nationwide network of community organizations largely funded by the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Campaign for Human Development and other churches and unions. Groups claim to represent all members, even those unaware of the connection or who agree on a local issue but resent the intimidating tactics directed by paid organizers.

WTOS leaders who have attended the 10 day intensive IAF training seem more militant.

To understand their approach, know that IAF was started by revolutionary activist Saul Alinsky who dedicated his last book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer because Lucifer was the first radical who rebelled against the establishment and won his own kingdom!

Alinsky advocated using adversarial tactics including how to appear more powerful than you really are. Leaders must assume a moral appearance while using any means to achieve their desired ends, including ridicule and threats to cause confusion, fear, over reaction and retreat. His rule 13 was “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it!”

Google any of the above key words to access much more information on the Internet. Awareness will help people of all races resist chaotic class warfare and the broader extremist radical national IAF agenda.

Mikel Ward


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