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America – Keeping Mexicans in and Americans out since 2005


According to an article from The Arizona Republic, Bush and the Department of Homeland Security are planning on implementing a new passport law that states that any American leaving the States, to either Canada or Mexico, MUST have a passport to re-enter the United States. Currently, anyone can go to either place and come back without much hassle. All you need is something proving you are who you say you are (Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, voter registration cards, etc).

What concerns me about this new plan is that while they are making an active effort to ensure that we are who we claim to be, they have no interest in protecting our borders from illegal immigrants. Nor, for instance, do the Canadians visiting America, have to present a passport to the border control as the Americans re-entering will. Also, according to the article, “Most Mexicans visiting the United States must show a passport with a U.S.-approved visa, but the administration wants to exempt an estimated 6 million Mexican citizens who have border crossing cards, or laser visas, from the passport requirement.”

Does this make sense to anyone? Let’s exempt Mexicans and Canadians who want to enter the US from having to show us anything, yet if you are American, then you must pass a fingerprint, retina, and DNA test to prove who you are. This makes no sense and should be challenged by any self-respecting American.


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