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Aid for AIDS


President Bush has recently created a new plan to help Africans in their AIDS crisis. It’s called President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR. In this plan, the United Stated will spend $15 billion over the next five years to help aid those with or afftected by AIDS. This is the planned expense breakdown as stated on the PEPFAR website:

  1. 55% for the treatment of individuals with HIV/AIDS
    (and in FYs 2006 through 2008, 75% of this is to be spent on the purchase and distribution of antiretroviral drugs)
  2. 15% for the palliative care of individuals with HIV/AIDS
  3. 20% for HIV/AIDS prevention
    (of which at least 33% is to be spent on abstinence until marriage programs)
  4. 10% for helping orphans and vulnerable children
    (and in FYs 2006 through 2008, at least 50% (of the 10%) is to be provided through non-profit, non-governmental organisations, including faith-based organisations, that implement programs at the community level).

There are those opposed to this plan however. (Naturally, they are the anti-Busher’s, otherwise known as liberals). Why opposition to such a plan? Well, because a portion of the 20% assigned to AIDS prevention must be used for abstinence-only programs. I can understand their concern. This portion of the money is to be spent on morals, not education. Many of the African women, based on their culture, have been forced to have premarital sex, either in return for food, shelter, or any other necessity. The Bush administration, in my opinion, has overstepped its boundries in this respect.

HOWEVER, the amount of money donated to this cause, $15 billion, is more than twice the amount donated by all other countries COMBINED. With that said, here is a little analogy:

If someone said hey, I will give you 8 billion dollars to help you with your medical costs, 3 billion to help prevent the illness, but 1 billion of the 3 billion must be presented in the way I tell you, would you decline the money. Of course not! But, that’s what some African officials are wanting to do (with the nudging of the liberals, of course). Many countries have criticized Bush for this plan because of the abstinence plan. Well, at least he has a plan. At least he is doing something! While the other countries are sitting idle, eating their cake, America stepped up and took action. In a sense, that’s similar to criticizing someone who voted for Bush, when you yourself did not vote at all. Come on Europe, instead of criticizing something you are not even participating in, do something! Take action!


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