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Texas :: 19th District Race


In the local congressional race here in Lubbock, TX, the RNC is calling out its bloodhounds. They demand that their opponent, Charlie Stenholm (Democrat), stop airing an ad that shows him shaking hands with President Bush. They argue that this ad is misleading by showing Bush’s support when he in fact supports Randy Neugebauer (Republican). Stenholm declined to stop airing the ad and stated that he “has worked successfully with five presidents from both parties, including President Bush and is not campaigning for anyone in the presidential race.”

Neugebauer went on to accuse Stenholm of verbally supporting Kerry for president, a claim that would obviously hurt Stenholm’s chances in West Texas.

It’s obvious to me that Neugebauer is feeling the pressure of Stenholm’s ads because not only does he show himself getting along with republicans, but he shows himself as a congressional veteran. Stenholm has been in representing the 17th district in congress since 1979 until recent changes which moved him to the 19th district. Neugebauer, on the other hand, has only served in Congress since 2002.


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